Hand Embroidery Services

We are engaged in providing Hand Embroidery Services for clients all over the world. Crafted by a team of skilled and experienced embroiderers, the patterns are created exactly as per the requirements of the clients with artistic inputs to enhance the overall look. Embroidered completely by hand, the patterns are created by us on a variety of fabrics while using the best materials to achieve a gorgeous effect. Our creations reflect the best of both worlds i.e. traditional Indian embroidery together with exquisite western patterns.

What We Offer
  • Zardozi Embroidery
  • Ari Embroidery
  • Threaded Embroidery
  • Beaded Embroidery

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Zardozi Embroidery
Zardozi Embroidery has imperial patterns of remarkable richness that are used to embellish garments with a royal look. We offer services for Zardozi Embroidery that is done on quality fabrics that are stretched to incorporate beautiful elements woven with Zari. We specialize in providing hand embroidery stitch with Authentic Zardozi work done by skilled craftsmen who specialize in this art form. Positioned amidst the prominent names in the field of Zardozi Embroidery, we create unique designs that are known for lending their elegance to a variety of Men’s and Women’s Garments.

Ari Embroidery
Ari Embroidery of Gujarat is a clear display of the colorful nature of the state. Ari work is done by using a long needle on fabric that is stretched on a frame. Various embellishments are used to create beautiful patterns and the embroidered piece can be set on any garment to give a unique look. Done on premium fabrics using authentic techniques, the Ari Embroidery services that we offer are highly appreciated for the quality of work and the finesse in execution. What you desire is what we create and our designers welcome the diverse inputs given by the clients for Ari Embroidery work.

Beaded Embroidery
Beaded Embroidery is a beautiful decorative art that incorporates beadwork in various patterns to achieve a magnificent look. We offer Beaded Embroidery services that incorporate the traditional and the contemporary styles into aesthetically appealing creations. Special embellishment techniques are used by us to create unique designs that catch the eye and are done on a variety of fabrics as per requirement.

Threaded Embroidery
Threaded Embroidery has a unique charm of its own enhanced by the immense detailing that reflects many hours of painstaking efforts. Appreciated for the richness of the craft, the Threaded Embroidery services that we offer incorporate myriad patterns, designs and materials to create unique works. All the Threaded Embroidery work can be custom-made to suit the specific requirements detailed by the clients.